Why Mocking

            The Lord had mocking laid upon him.  Matthew 27:29 says, “They put a staff in His hand and knelt in front of Him and mocked Him…” A definition for mock is an object of ridicule.  Christ withstood a false homage from the sinful wicked so that we may not have to remain guilty of sin that always brings mockery in the end.

In the workplace, it is not uncommon to see co-workers encourage sinful behavior that leads to all kinds of outward manifestation such as lying, adultery, and the misuse of God’s name.  Worldly attitudes cause all to eventually misuse gifts, talents, and skills that God has given to mankind.  When the manifestations of the sinful nature reach the point of public embracement, mockery comes from the co-workers, who by their actions and words encourage the sinful behavior.  The very ones who encouraged flirting among the man and female sexes, mock those who eventually become involved in adultery.  Those who encouraged back biting, telling dirty or off colored jokes, and wrong attitudes, publicly bad mouth those that they have encouraged to live a sinful lifestyle.  Sin always brings approach, heartache, and emotional drain.

Yet, our Lord took those words and actions of mockery for the sake of God’s justice and our redemption.  The Holy Spirit spoke through David, a man after God’s heart, reflecting the heart of Christ regarding His Father’s will, “For I endure scorn for your sake…”

The Romans had learned that this type of mockery is a powerful way to break a person mentally and especially emotionally.  Mockery does not affect the body but it puts tremendous strain on the mind and tears at the heart of a person.  Women and children have been scared for an entire life time from emotional and mental abuse.  In war or sports, if you can intimidate or break the heart of your opponent the battle is half over.

Sin brings destruction to every part of our lives and this includes our emotions. Thus, our Lord suffered in mocking and reproach, being placed on the Cross of Calvary naked.

The great news is that Christ rose from the dead thus showing His power over sin and death.  In Him you are victorious over the mockery that comes with sin.