Remembering Your Works

          Psalm 143:5 says, I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.”  Sometimes we need to talk about and meditate on the battlefield wounds our Lord received as He paid the price for the redemption of our very souls.

Many grow up in homes where they have not experienced the frustrations and heartaches of war.  Most of their lives they have not taken time to meditate upon the cost of war.

If you watch closely at the “Veteran’s Day Parade,” you will notice how the young find their joy in grasping for the candy.  The youth are captivated by their friends who ride on the floats.  But, it is those who have tasted the bitter fruit of war in some way, they are the ones who appreciate the men and women of whom the Veteran’s Day remembrance parade is for.

If you take time to get to know a war veteran who has received a purple heart and hearing the story of how he received that honorable medal, you can also grasp the truths of Veteran’s Day.  Taking time to listen to and meditating upon the cost of our American soldiers, you can completely change your outlook towards the “Veterans Day Parade.”

The Holy Spirit of God calls all Christians to be witnesses to family members, friends and co-workers.  Christians are to live in a way that shows the Lordship of Christ over their lives, so they can be seen as children of God who understand fully “The Battlefield Wounds of Christ.”  This keeps them from being seen as children at a “Veteran’s Day Parade” who are more captivated by the candy and worldly floats than the veterans who bear the scars of war on their bodies and hearts.

During the Easter season, those who want to get all that the Lord has for them will make time to learn all they can about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Just how will you remember the works of Christ this Easter Season?