Recognize You Have Sinned

Biblically examining the rule of kings who oversaw the nations of Judah and Israel reveals the truth, God blesses obedience and He chastens for disobedience.  Instead of hanging onto this world’s view, Christians can come to understand the Lord’s view of the reign of kings by reading the two Books of Chronicles.  2 Chronicles 17-20 reveals God’s view on the reign of Jehoshaphat.  Understanding how God worked in the life of Jehoshaphat helps us understand how the Lord wants to work in America.

Jehoshaphat’s leadership had brought great blessings to Judah and like most in leadership, his leadership had moments that brought severe consequences to the spiritual, social and political life of Judah.  Jehoshaphat allied himself with the wicked king Ahab whose policies brought the people of God to mix true worship with false worship.  Jehoshaphat’s alliances in war and business nearly cost him his life and he put the nation of Judah at great risk.

Our national leaders, especially our founding fathers made Biblical choices that enabled America to enjoy the Lord’s blessings.  However, many leaders today have allied themselves with organizations, opinions and are on friendly terms with those whom the Bible says, do evil in the eyes of the Lord.  Our Biblical-Anemic preaching churches have failed to produce enough men and women who are statesmen who can overrule decisions made by politicians who are more concerned with party rule than with what is right before the eyes of God.  Our nation and many of her churches find themselves afflicted with several of the curses written about in Deuteronomy 28:15-51.  The wrath of God that is clearly spelled out in Romans 1: 18-32 is powerfully being experienced all through America.  Medicine for America Begins With Recognition of Sin!