Holy Spirit led ministries have accountability that can be substantiated.  Acts 11:4 says, Acts 11:12b says, “…these six brothers also went with me…”     

Acts 11:2 gives the heart attitude of those overcome with the cancer of legalism and traditionalism, “So when Peter went to Jerusalem, the circumcised believers criticized him.”  Just as Peter was called to break traditional ministry, ministries on the cutting edge face criticism from church attendees who have not taken the time to gain Biblical understanding.

I love the way the New American Standard Bible puts it, “But Peter… proceeded to explain to them in orderly sequence…” Peter gave a full and fair accountability without argument or apology. Holy Spirit illuminated Christians have such a conviction and understanding of their revelation from God that they have no problem presenting and substantiating their ministry to those who may criticize their work. They are able to do so because they are devout, God-fearing people who have a respect for the ministry of Jesus Christ.  They are able to tell you how revelation came to them as they prayerfully sought the Lord and took time to listen to His instructions.  Their ministry is birthed from the whole counsel of God’s Word, thus their revelation can be explained and supported from the Word of God, because the Bible is the sword of the Holy Spirit.  They have such an illumination of their calling they are able to pray through to completion that which God calls them to do.  They are able to test their work by the Word of God, they are able to share how God used them and they are able to substantiate their ministry.  Acts 11:12 tells us that there were six men who could bear witness to the work God had done in Cornelius’s home.

When Christians are exposed to ministries of Biblical accountability, they are to die to their own opinions, throw off spiritual traditionalism, legalism, and denominationalism, and rejoice in what God is doing.  Acts 11:18 says, “When they heard [Peter’s full accounting], they had no further objections, and praised God…”  Connect with mature ministry!