Leaving Family  

Once a couple understands God’s love and allows Him to place His love within them, they can properly apply the four principles found in Genesis 2:24-25.  The first principle is, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife…” (Genesis 2:24)   This is God’s divine revelation to a couple who want to enjoy marriage, “Til Death Do they Part.”

In order for a marriage to enjoy all that God wants a couple to experience, there must be a separation.  The significance of the language, “leave” is that marriage involves a new pledge to a spouse in which former familial commitments are superseded by commitments to each other.  Do not read more into this statement than the Lord intends.  This does not mean that a couple abandons their parents, nor are they not to listen to their parent’s wise counsel.  While continuing to honor their parents, couples are to first honor one another.

For example: A retired father wants his son to go on a fishing trip, but the husband is needed home to tend to the needs of his wife.  The husband’s first priority is towards his wife.  This is especially true if the wife has health needs and even if she has practical needs.  However, if dad has a physical need, the son is not to neglect the need of his father to meet any selfish whims of the wife. The wife is not to spend all of her time down at moms and neglect physical and practical needs of her husband.  It means that dependence is to turn from dad and mom to one another. It means to leave the security of dad and mom’s check-book to trust in the Lord to provide through each other, while allowing parents to give gifts as the Lord leads them.

While in the horse business I met a great horse trainer who was the son of a Morgan horse trainer. He helped his father, learned from his father, and honored his father.  When this trainer got married to a woman who trained Crabbet bred Arabians, they left their parents beautiful facilities and built their own training facility.  However, they did not train Morgan horses or nor did they continue on with the Crabbet bred blood lines.  They had vision and established their own type of training center.  While respecting their parent’s upbringing, they developed their own style of training horses.  To this very day, as of January 2012, this couple has their own Arabian Horse Training Facility, training Polish and Russian bred Arabian horses.

If you are a couple who oversees their own business, has their own career, or is employed in the work force, you must break away from dependence on your parents and the control of your parents.  Couples should feed only on the wise counsel of parents who have survived through the trials and temptations of life.  Seek counsel from parents who have learned from the consequences of making choices influenced by the sinful nature, the world’s influences, or listening to the lies of the devil.

When a couple gets married they are to have their own vision, work to establish their own connections, financially and clientele, thus bringing respectability to their family heritage.  Leave your father and mother, unite as one by making Jesus Christ head of your marriage.