Hearing from the Lord requires, seeking the Lord with all your heart.  Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”     Diligent search is necessary if one is going to hear from the Lord, especially in these busy days.  The true seeker of the Lord will see and enjoy His faithfulness.  To seek (בָּקַשׁ bāqaš) here means to be seeking someone’s presence. Usually it is seeking the Lord’s will through prayer.  (Baker, W., & Carpenter, E. E. (2003). The complete word study dictionary: Old Testament (p. 160). Chattanooga, TN: AMG Publishers)

It is amazing, when your going through tough trials or testings, how many well meaning Christians have a word from the Lord for you.

“‘You just need more faith, believe God for a miracle, just trust God.’  Christians, who mean well have told people, ‘God’s going to use this trial to show His miraculous ability to heal the sick, change your circumstance to show His ability to move mountains, if, if you have enough faith.'”   Many a child of God going through trials and testing have found themselves questioning their faith because of religious sounding clichés.  People afflicted by illness, overcome by addictions, locked in unpleasant circumstances need council from Godly people who seek God for genuine truths.

The Lord has raised up people who have sought him with all their heart to minister to others in times of great trials.  Men like Dr Spiro’s Zodiates to help those afflicted by cancer or other serious illnesses to grasp Scriptural understanding of their trial.  In a book titled, Sickness Why? Healing, How and When?   His work shows a great deal of long term prayerful seeking God’s Word, to gain His understanding of physical afflictions on people.  Many, have found peace and understanding by reading Dr. Zodiates book.  God has used Ruth Graham’s book, Prodigals and Those Who Love Them, to bring comfort and hope to many a Christian parent who has seen their children walk away from the Lord’s perfect will for them.  Her book shows a great deal of seeking the Lord as she prayed for her son, Franklin Graham.   A book, entitled, A Chance to Die, is about the beloved Irish missionary to India, Amy Carmichael.  The book is a portrayal of a women who sought God’s strength to be obedient and for courage to serve in her calling for fifty-three years as she eventually founded Dohnavur Fellowship, a refuge for underprivileged children.  Amy was a women with desires and dreams, faults and fears, who through seeking God, found ennoblement to serve Jesus unconditionally.

Christians who seek the Lord with all their hearts find and understand His truths and they are used to lead others to the truths of God.