A congenial life has a listening heart and it gives without sparing.  Proverbs 21:26b says, “…but the righteous give without sparing.”

A person who touches the lives of others is a person who is ready to give time, strength and financially as the Lord provides.  This person has a heart that is discerning, knowing when it is being taken advantage of, but sees real needs.  They manage their time wisely so they can make time to help someone who truly needs it.  They are able to find strength to help that person who needs it, even in the late hours of the night.  They are willing to give joyfully without finding fault.

I remember over hearing a couple talk about a church in the South east part of the United Sates, this Body of Christ knew the joy of giving.  There was a young couple in Nebraska, both veterinarians, they were trying to adopt a special needs baby.  They made the trip to Memphis, Tennessee to pick up their new baby.  They spent the day holding her, packed their bags, were heading their way out the hospital, when they were detained, due to some paper work that had not gone through.

Heart broken, they made their way to a church service at Bellevue Baptist.  While attending the service they were asked what brought them to Tennessee.  They explained their situation and dilemma.  Immediately, Bellevue Baptist became a congenial atmosphere.  They put the couple in a motel, provided meals, transportation and provided whatever this couple needed until the paper work was all in order.  The family of God at Bellevue Baptist gave time, strength and finances for a full week.  Then, they joyfully saw the young couple off to Nebraska, with their new baby.  Give as the Lord leads, you are His hands ministering to others!