Offering His Guidance to the Church

  The Bible tells us to “Preach the Word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction.”  (2 Timothy 4:2)  God, has given us a written account of His guidance for the church of Jesus Christ. Much can be said about this passage of Scripture, our focus will be on “careful instruction.” Careful instruction (διδαχή didachḗ) means the act of teaching, instructing, tutoring in such away that it incorporates the authority of what is taught.

At Kole’s Kicking Camps they teach young football players about the art of being a place kicker.  They have the authority of ESPN, to seek out potential place kickers that have the ability and drive to go on from high school to college level and then on the NFL.   Kole’s Kicking Camps have teachers who understand what it means to instruct and tutor young players to reach their full potential as a kicker as well as make the right connections to move forward in reaching the goal set before them. Kole’s instructors have applied the hard work of writing a handbook that gives clear instructions on the art and dynamics of the kicking career.  Back in the early days, at the beginning of the camp, students were give written material that: First, substantiate their call. At the front of the handbook is a list of several hundred names of kickers, trained by Kole’s Kicking Camps who are presently kicking from Community College level to the NFL.  An impressive list indeed. Second, the handbook gives detail instructions on how to condition for being a kicker. Third, there are clear instructions on how to kick a football from whatever position on the field they find themselves in. Lastly, this kicker training manual instructs kickers how to approach a college to receive a scholarship as well as help a kicker approach the NFL before their college kicking days have completed.  That is a practical application of what it means to give careful instructions.

Imagine, what hope, joy and vision it would bring into a Christian’s heart if he could walk into the church he attends and be handed a well written handbook that list the 20+ Holy Spirit Gifts. A handbook that has a list of names of Christians who are sacrificially exercising their Holy Spirit given gifts presently in the church. (1 Corinthians 12-14)  A handbook with clear instructions on Whom to seek, how his gifts are to work and how to effectively use them for the good of others. A handbook that clearly instructs Christians how to discern from trials and chastisements from the Lord.  A handbook that has practical helps birth from Scripture placed in real life circumstances so one can grasp how to respond in key life situations.  A modern day handbook which holds testimonies of people who have been ministered to by Christians who have exercised their gifts with true sacrificial love.

Could such a handbook intrigue lost souls to attend church and be what is needed for Christians who feel they are no longer getting anything out of church attendance?