The counsel of God’s Word records the lives and work of devout, God fearing men.  These men received revelation from God, had a personal relationship with Christ and walked in step with the Holy Spirit. One such man was “Cornelius, a centurion… He and his family were devout and God-fearing…” (Acts 10:1-2)

“Devout” (eusebes), means to be respectful to God and things regarding worship unto Him. Devout people are dutiful in their efforts to seek God and know His will for them. “God-fearing” (phobeo) means to have a reverential obedience toward God. In the New Testament the term “God-fearing” had become what we would call a technical term for Gentiles who became frustrated with their gods and the result of the immorality of mankind. They attended some kind of meetings or had some kind of influence that enabled them to seek God.  In Cornelius’s case, he had enough revelation to become a man of prayer and have a heart for the needy. (Acts 10:2)

The Lord will give devout, God-fearing Christians that which they seek, and fill their spiritual hearts with divine revelation which satisfies the spiritual heart and soul. Today, devoted God-fearing people seek the Lord through the whole counsel of God’s Word. Just as the Lord called Peter to take a Word to Cornelius’ home, (Acts 10:22b) the Lord has given the Holy Spirit gift of “prophesying” (Romans 12:6) to the church, so that people may be informed of the will of God through the expounding of Scripture for making known the will of God.

The Pittsburg Christian Advocate covered the story of Dr. Alexander Maclaren, a devout, God-fearing man who was recognized as being one of the clearest expositors of the Word of God in his day. They wrote, “How Dr. Maclaren became such a Bible scholar is worthy of note. …[he] had one ministry habit that was never broken, ‘one hour alone with God every day.’  Dr. Maclaren would sit in his well-warn armchair with his Bible on his knees. He would not read to get a teaching text, nor read as a student, but as child would read a letter from [his] Father; [with] a loving heart drinking in every Word.”  Are you a devout and God-fearing Christian?