Who Was He and What Was His Vision

Christopher Columbus strived to live under religious motivations and convictions which are hated by modern day educators and writers, thus many have tried to label him as a villain. (Just take a look on YouTube, there is plenty) There are those who have adopted the modern educational practice of deconstructionism – the attacking of traditional Western heroes, values and institutions. For an accurate portrayal of Columbus and other early explores, you can read Dr. John Eidsmoe’s book, Columbus & Cortez, Conquerors for Christ. It is our hope at CrossRoads Messages that you will take time to enjoy Columbus Day by gaining understanding of the spiritual heart of Christopher Columbus.

Traditionally, Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday in October, commemorating the landing of Columbus in the “New World” (on a small island off Florida) on October 12, 1492. (Wall-builders.com/celebrate-Columbus-day; Wikipedia)   Clearly, the Vikings had traveled to the North America continent, (Present-day Canada, possibly Baffin Island). Columbus is widely publicized as being the one to have discovered its’ (America’s) existence to the Europeans.

Columbus undertook his first voyage knowing the great dangers which laid ahead. Like most out reaches, he was told repeatedly of the impossibility of the endeavor he so longed to embark on. Many of those who wanted to discourage him were intellectual leaders. Christopher’s writings tell us the reason he wanted take a voyage beyond charted waters, “Our Lord opened to my understanding, I could sense His hand upon me, so it became clear to me that the voyage was feasible…  All those who heard about my enterprise rejected it with laughter, scoffing at me… [Many] doubted that this illumination was from the Holy Spirit? I attest that, the Holy Spirit, with marvelous rays of light, consoled me through the Holy and Sacred Scriptures.. they inflame me with a sense of great urgency… No one should be afraid to take on any enterprise in the name of our Savior if it is right and if the purpose is purely for His Holy service… And I say that the sign which convinces me that our Lord is hastening the end of the world is the preaching of the Gospel recently in so many lands.” (Wall-builders.com/celebrate-Columbus-day)

Though many are claiming that Christopher Columbus was a monster, many paint a complete different picture. (Christian History; Sun Sentinel, Columbus Day: A Celebration of Character) Historian Samuel Eliot Morison over a have a century ago wrote, “This conviction that God destined him to be an instrument for spreading the faith was far more pressing than the desire to win glory, wealth and worldly honors.” Contemporary historian Carol Delaney noted, “Even the money Columbus sought was primarily dedicated to religious purpose.” (The Right Scoop, Why Did Christopher Columbus “Sail the Ocean Blue” in 1942? It’s Not What You Think!)  Delaney points out, “many of Columbus writings indicate that Christopher strictly told the crew with him not to harm or disrespect the natives. When bad things were done to the natives, Columbus was quick to punish those under his command who committed unjust acts against the local population.”  (The Right Scoop, Why Did Christopher Columbus “Sail the Ocean Blue” in 1942? It’s Not What You Think!)

The true way for us to observe Columbus Day, is to see it as a celebration of character, the life of Christopher Columbus. Therefore, seek out ways to take the Gospel out into the world, to those who do not know Christ.