Conditions God Sent His Son In

Genesis 49:10 in the New American Standard Bible says, “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet until Shiloh comes, and to Him shall be the obedience of the peoples.”

This vision of the future was given from the deathbed of Jacob to his sons and to all who become sons of God through adoption by faith in Jesus Christ.  In order for Christians to enjoy this promise, they must understand the condition the world was in when birth of Christ fulfilled this prophecy.

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel was once again in need of a sign that the Great Deliver, the child to be born according to what is written about Him, had arrived.  As we come to understand the truth of this passage of Scripture we must grasp its application to the spiritual heart today.

Judah was under the rule of a descendant of Esua, Herod the Great, the hands of a heathen power.  The heart of this ruler was not the heart of a king that fit in God’s perfect form of leadership. Even the Temple was no longer cared for by a priest who could grasp the will of God, rather servants who were governed by fear of Roman oppressors. The people at the time of Christ’s birth were purposely rebellious.

The truth that the Holy Spirit wants you to grasp today is, mankind without the inner-work of the Lord will do whatever it takes to remain on the throne of his heart.

The great news is that in the middle of rebellious times overseen by a God hating government and the church overseen by priest who for the most part had no spiritual discernment, God sent His one and only Son to be born in a stable so mankind may know the Lord.

We live in a government who says they know Jesus, but govern this country in disregard for His Word. Too many churches are responsive to government rule and public opinion more than the council of the written Word of God.

God sending His son in such bad conditions reveals to us that no matter what condition we live in, God will send the Holy Spirit of Christ to reveal the Christ of Christmas to our spiritual hearts! In these conditions, enjoy Christ!