Mankind Does Not Become Angels


Have you ever heard phrases like – “Heaven just got another angel” or “God just needed another angel” when a loved one has passed on? There is also that familiar, “You just earned your wings by doings such and such.” First let us administer grace – If someone is just using a phrase to describe they believe someone has gone to heaven, take it as it is. However, if someone truly believes people do become angels when Christians move from this world into heaven, it is imperative the church aggressively responds to her call preach the Word of God on the truths of angels and mankind.

There are many truths found in the Word of God which teach us there are clear distinctions of angels and human beings. In Job we read of angels being created before creation of the earth. (Job 38:4-8) Psalm 148: 2 and 5 tell us God created angles. In Genesis we read of God creating man and woman. There are passages of Scripture we read of angels appearing in human form (Genesis 18:1-15; Genesis 19; Judges 2:1; 6:11-22; Daniel 18:5; Hebrews 13:2) There are no Scriptures which says a fallen angel took on the form of mankind and there are no references to a man appearing as a righteous angel or fallen angel, especially after death.

In the Holy Scriptures we read of Elijah and Moses being seen in glorious splendor with Jesus at His transfiguration – they were recognized and nothing is said of them being angels. (Matthew 17:1-8; Mark 9:2-8; Luke 9:28-36) In Jesus’ teaching of one man going to hell and another going to heaven, He speaks of them a being human, not being a fallen angel in hell or a righteous angel in heaven. (Luke 16:19-31) It is imperative that we understand, no were in Scripture does it says that angels can be redeemed. No were in Scripture does it give us an account of a fallen angel repenting, asking for forgiveness and returning to serve God, like the Apostle Paul did. (Acts 9:1-18)     

What we do know is that when we die we go home to be with Jesus. The Apostle Paul wrote, “We are confident… [we] would prefer to be away from the body and home with the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 5:8) The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 all Christians who have physically died, although their bodies are dead, their soul and spirit is with the Lord and they will return someday with Him, in which they will get a resurrected body of which they will be like Christ having glorified bodies, with no indication of them being angels.  Our reward in this life is the opportunity to spend eternity with the Lord, not a pair of wings or being changed into an angel. 

It must be understood at the present time angels are greater than us. Psalm 8:4-5, “…what is mankind that you care for them? You have made them a little lower than the angels…” However, it is interesting in 1 Corinthians the Apostle Paul gives a clear directive, “Do you not know that we will judge angels?” (1 Corinthians 6:3) The text is clear, Christians judge angels in a future time. The Greek word “judge” (κρίνω krínō) in the New Testament here means to from or give an opinion. (Zodhiates, S. (2000). The complete word study dictionary: New Testament (electronic ed.). Chattanooga, TN: AMG Publishers.)  To rule over and govern. (Swanson, J. (1997). Dictionary of Biblical Languages with Semantic Domains: Greek (New Testament) (electronic ed.). Oak Harbor: Logos Research Systems, Inc.: Billy Graham, Answers, Angels, Heaven 2006)

The human conjecture of angel worship should not jade our thinking to be contrary what the Word of God teaches. Just as the angels are accountable to Jesus and are called to obey Him. Under the authority given to us in Christ we will be over angels in heaven.  In due season we will understand the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:3 is referring to the age in which we will rule and reign with Christ.

Wise Christians choose the high road of living, steering clear of modern-day believe about angels, their concept is to trust in the whole counsel of God’s Word. In a children’s book it was written, “In heaven little girls become angels and God does just best he can with little boys.” A humorist remark about heaven which makes us chuckle. On the flip side there is a truth which should frighten us. Dreams or testimonies of family members being seen as angels are delusions coming from its source, Satan who, “masquerades as an angle of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14)