Holy Spirit illuminated Christians live a life that says, “My hope is in Christ” and they affect generations to come. Matthew 2:1 says, “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea…  Magi from the east came to Jerusalem…”  Who were these “Magi?”  The Bible does not say much about these worshipers of Christ.

Extra-Biblical evidence found through Christian historians offers us clues that shed some light. These men were “Magi” (magos) and very likely have been Persian priests.  By the time of Christ’s birth these Persian priests became almost exactly what the Levites were in Israel.  They became teachers and instructors of the Persian kings and at this time period they were good men, who sought truth and great wisdom.  These wise men were skilled in philosophy, medicine, and natural science.  They were able to combine secular and religious aspects of knowledge and understanding.

The wise men’s interest in the Messiah may have arisen from contact with Jewish travelers in the east and from knowledge of the Old Testament. What we do know is that the Prophet Daniel had been taken to Babylon as a prisoner of war and as the results of his faithfulness to the Lord, God raised him and his friends to high political positions. (Daniel 4:48-49) We do know that Daniel was also raised to a place of political influence under the King of Persia after the Persians conquered Babylon. (Daniel 6:1-3)

The point is, a Godly man like Daniel and his friends were used by God in a place of captivity for 70 plus years to influence kings and other political positions. God still uses the life of Daniel to give guidance to the lives of Bible readers today.  It is very possible that Godly influences had carried on down throughout the Eastern world, and their lives along with the Old Testament teachings had a guiding affect on the Magi.

Let the Holy Spirit place this truth in your spiritual hearts this Christmas season.  The Magi may be regarded as the representation of the Gentile world.

Christians are like Daniel, they can live out “Christmas Hope,” which will have an affect on generations to come.  Let your hope affect generations!