We live in a time were people are easily influenced by a world view off criticizing, complaining and the disregarding of the feelings of others.  The work place often has an atmosphere of tearing down others for the purpose of building one self-up.  Family members spend to much time speaking derogatory comments about and toward each other, rather than speak words of appreciation.  Coaches, parents, actually everyone in a place of authority find themselves under the radar of speculation and accusation rather than a searching heart of council and direction.

Recently, I saw a face-book pop-up, a picture of an old couple roller-skating together, with comments presenting love as forbearance, the empowerment for not killing each other after all those years of being together.  I would propose to you that the Bible has principles to live by that surpasses forbearance and creates congenial surroundings filled with people who have a congenial spirit.  In this world filled with a complaining and a critical spirit, there are people who, through a disciplined life, live a congenial life.

Jim Bennet, writing about the Congenial Workplace tells us, “When working alongside individuals that have an overly negative attitude, many people find that their own attitude becomes negative and progress in the workplace is slowed considerably.  It is the job of the business management to create a congenial workplace in which all of the employees are able to get along (at least to the point of keeping up positive attitudes and progressing throughout the work day without being slowed down by negative co-workers.)”

God knows the value of a peaceful atmosphere, that is why we are given this exhortation, “Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”        With such an exhortation, just what are Biblical truths that can enable us to have a pleasing nature?  How can we realistically create an atmosphere of living that people love to be exposed to?  Make time this year to seek out those Bible teachers who guide you Biblically how to live a congenial life!